Poll for 24 hour clock fans:
A) Midnight at the top
B) Noon at the top
X) Midnight as 24 (or XXIV)
Y) Midnight as 00

It seems like A and B are fairly evenly preferred, as are X and Y. My older watches are A/X, while I'm getting used to my new one that is B/Y (with extra markers for local noon and sunrise/set).

@th you forgot the #poll

@th B: feels more natural because it somewhat follows the location of the sun.
Also Y because of UTC & co.

@th clocks for energy utilities run from 00:00:01–24:00:00 and the first hour is designated 1, so I'm here for this.

@scruss some transit systems use hours greater than 24 for trains that run after midnight on the same "_service day_".

@th the lovely old printed DB timetables had those all over the place.

Military watches that went over midnight used 24+ time too, in order to simplify pay accounting. Simplifying accounting is also why utility time does it too: the hour reading at 24:00 "belongs" with the current day, not the next. Avoids off-by-ones entirely

@th the clock face rotates so that true noon is always at the top.

@mhoye I wrote a clock for the Pebble a few years ago that rotated a polar-projected map counter-clockwise to keep local noon at the top. Southern hemisphere was a compile time option.

@th Midnight at the bottom has the nice property that the hour hand points in a direction symbolic of (even if often not corresponding to) the sun's position.

@th That second watch looks soooo good, I wonder if its a analog look?

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