The recycling and trash in the Netherlands is like a TARDIS: the tiny above-ground bin turns into a massive below-ground storage vault. Where else is doing this sort of tidy rubbish collection?

Some modern apartment blocks in Norway use the same system.

I have 5 of these lined in front of my balcony and can see them be emptied every Monday :)

@th Here in Finland you see similar bins by a company called Molok, especially at rest-stops or other areas where they don't empty the bins that often.

@th Zürich city center and I think I've seen similar trash cans between new buildings near Harpa in Reykjavik.

@th In Northern Norway we have full pneumatic automated garbage systems in our building. You simply sort your trash into colored bags (green for compost, red for paper, blue for plastic, etc.) and then drop them into a garbage chute which feeds into a very large underground tank, and once a week a garbage truck comes and sucks all the garbage out of the neighborhood.

@eviloatmeal I was very surprised to see how many refuse streams there were in Finland, although they seem to use a different color scheme.

@th Here we don't generally have recycling bins just sitting around in public spaces like that, but we do have a lot of separation: Bottles work on a deposit and return system, so you pay a deposit for any bottle you purchase, and you get that back as cash when you recycle them. Glass and metal go in a separate container, usually found in your neighborhood. E-waste goes in a separate bin located in stores. Then there's sorting between compost, paper, plastic, carton (like waxed juice boxes).

@th we have some of these in Kiel (Germany) as well.
Fun thing to watch it with the kids, if you manage to get there in time :)

@th I believe there's some trials happening in the UK.

@th In the inner-city of Amsterdam trash separation into organic, plastic, rest was canceled a few years ago as the city claims automatic separation is adequate with the state of current technology.

@th local paper here in Brighton, UK, today had an article saying the council is considering them.

@Luke @th
Saw something similar when I was in Antibes a few years ago.

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