Instead of going to Brussels in February, I'm going to print out this sign for my office door and then watch the talks on my phone from the kitchen for the proper experience.

Now I just need figure out which talks I want to stream...

@th At least you can just switch within a second then. Switching IRL is close to impossible. 🙂

@silwol @th or, hear me out, set up a TV room like Sherlock in Elementary and watch them all at once

@th I'm all ears for suggestions! A friend will show fq ( I suspect that it could be something you would appreciate.

@th Remember to stream at least 2 talks before the one you'd like to actually watch for added authenticity.


I can't wait to watch

[checks notes]



@th that sign is very Denglish or Frenglish. "security reasons" I love it.

(it should be safety obviously, but both French and Dutch can use the same word for both safety and security, "veiligheid" in Dutch and "sécurité" in French.)

@th My approach to FOSDEM was to book a more luxurious hotel than usual (this used to be quite doable in BXL on weekends), watch the streams from there and socialise in the pubs afterwards.

@th make sure you open the window and/or stand in the cold for 20 mins before getting food or coffee.

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