spoke too soon! there is one that is not connected. not sure if it is due to my hot-air to remove the cover or my early attempts to mechanically break it off.

@th is that the underside under a microscope without decapping? it's so pretty. is it a common issue for the bond wires to have detached over time?

@fbz this soviet-era SRAM chip was selected for its easy-to-remove metal cover so that the die can be exposed to light. it's as old as I am and of unknown provenance, so I was worried about possible mechanical failures.

@th so is it EPROM that can be wiped with UV light?

@fbz this is just a normal SRAM chip in a ceramic package. the UV EPROM typically have quartz windows so that you can expose the die to the eraser light without dust contaminating the inside.

@th Is it fixable? (Or: What effort is required to fix it?)

@th this is where making friends with an ant earlier in the story is going to come in handy

@th (is it an address or data line you can just let float?)

@phooky if it is the same pinout as the i2102, then it is an address line. luckily I bought lots since I expected to break a few.

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