Who has two thumbs and six hundred M3-M5 bolts of various lengths on their workshop floor?

@th "god gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers" etc

@th i'm sure you could hire some ants to sort this out

@th this happening is always my biggest fear with those boxes...

@evilrooster @th can I help picking them up and bringing them back in the container, divided by size? I would consider it relaxing.

on a second thought, that may involve having to invite me in, and that's probably not safe to do?

I took the black ribboner pledge, if that helps :D

@valhalla @th

I was considering offering myself, but I’m close enough geographically that it might have sounded intrusive. Just sounds like a pleasant thing to do.

@th incidents like this are how I've honed my ability to instantly visually gauge lengths to the nearest mm.

@th Now you have box labelled 'screws, unsorted' there?

@M @th nah that belongs into the bin labelled "stuff" - and with one fell sweep !

@th Oh no! Just that picture is making me feel quite anxious… Hope you got them sorted.

@th That's ok. This kind of thing happens to me all the time.

@th using magnets will speed sorting things out

@th To make it a bit easier, here is a reference image of what it should look like

@th sounds like someone has more than two thumbs, maybe closer to 10?

@th RAN to seal up my box of bolts on your example, good luck

@th More organized than being on the floor 😉 that looks awesome!

@th there got to be a 3d print design that incorporates latches and magnets to hold at least most of the fasteners in place when a box like that goes flying.

@avolkov @th there is a solid chance that @wirehead has created such a thing.

@gnomon @avolkov @th Ironically, I just got a bunch of Akro Mills boxes that snap more securely, mostly because anything I'd 3D print either requires me to paste in pieces of acrylic (which a friend did for her designs with magnets but feels a bit fiddly) or is a lot less translucent because clear 3D printing filament is a huge edge case.

@wirehead @gnomon @th Yes, maybe using an adapter to hold magnet to an existing acrylic case, but that would but that would not be a universal design.

@th I have dropped those exact kits so many times. The wooooorst.

@gsuberland @th Such a common issue that it gets a call-out in the Gridfinity video :p

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