Who has two thumbs and six hundred M3-M5 bolts of various lengths on their workshop floor?


Hopefully a safer way to organise the hardware.

@th there got to be a 3d print design that incorporates latches and magnets to hold at least most of the fasteners in place when a box like that goes flying.

@avolkov @th there is a solid chance that @wirehead has created such a thing.

@gnomon @avolkov @th Ironically, I just got a bunch of Akro Mills boxes that snap more securely, mostly because anything I'd 3D print either requires me to paste in pieces of acrylic (which a friend did for her designs with magnets but feels a bit fiddly) or is a lot less translucent because clear 3D printing filament is a huge edge case.

@wirehead @gnomon @th Yes, maybe using an adapter to hold magnet to an existing acrylic case, but that would but that would not be a universal design.

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