I like that our teacher's slides about Angular translate "stack" (as in "web stack") to "pit" in #Hungarian. (For some weird historical reason the stack data structure is called "verem" in Hungarian, which pretty much means "pit". No idea why they didn't translate it as "kazal", since heap is "halom".)
cc #webdev #linguistics

I'm curious, are there similar weird translations (like stack/pit in the post above) for abstract programming terminology in yall's native languages?

@csepp I honestly want to know whether function currying is referred to using the same word as the food in other languages, or if they just transliterate "curry" phonetically

@technomancy @csepp Currying is named for Haskell Curry, so it would be weird to follow the food word (but people do lots of weird things)


@pburka @technomancy @csepp
White Noise: named for its spectrum
Pink Noise: spectrum again
Blue Noise: also spectrum
Brown Noise: named after Robert Brown

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