@vaurora @th ah. Good luck. One of the issues with the Dutch approach to history is that nothing happened before the 16th century. There's a museum in Lelystat with some 4000 yr old bodies. There's the hunebedden museum in Borger, and then there's an open air village near Alphen aan de rijn. Those are the ones I've found so far. Then there's a Roman museum just outside Utrecht. Which is a bit more recent, but it's an interesting museum.

Do you have a museum kaart yet ?


@quixoticgeek @vaurora the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden in Leiden has some experimental prehistory exhibits including a special on Doggerland (Hashtag Reclaim Doggerland)

@th @quixoticgeek @vaurora I think the Doggerland one is over .. but some of it can now be found at the Huis van Hilde (which is also a neat, although smaller, museum). The Museum van Oudheden still has some archeology stuff, though.. and omg I was just checking their site and they have a link to an archeology map of NL: archeologieopdekaart.nl

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