This is the sort of walkable mixed use urban development liberals want.

@marceles_pixel @th By the name and look of the boat and by the houses, it's certainly The Netherlands. My first guess would be the province of Friesland. But you'll see, it'll turn out to be the "Amsterdam lake district". ;)

@th every city is a one minute city if you're fast enough

@th wait, wouldn't you need the Water Walk spell for that place to be walkable? :D

@valhalla @th It is well known that liberalism is a gateway drug for witchcraft.

@th it took me a good minute to realize this wasn't florida


Looks good but those are single-family homes. What about the poor and homeless?

@corruptian @th since we have already asserted that magic exists, and thus we can use it to pay for the whole thing, subsided two families home with a small garden in about the same footprint as a single family home, or in some cases the buildings can be divided into 4 smaller flats for single individuals. Mixed in with the single family homes, not segregated. Including everybody's children going to the same primary schools etc.

And since you have enough subsided homes for all of the people who need them, and magic exists to fix the mental health issues caused by past homelessness, there are no homeless.

(seriously, I suspect that you need magic to *get there*, but in many cases once you've done the initial bit of magic it could be sustainable on its own)

@th @corruptian btw, with “two families home” I was thinking specifically something in the general architectural (but definitely not social) idea of…

which is a very specific case, built in the late 1800s with motivations that I consider to have been good at the time, but would be horribly exploitative today, but qualifies as “housing built for the relatively poor that isn't designed to just squeeze as many people as possible in the minimum amount of footprint at the lowest possible price“.

(I believe that the garden in the front was supposed to be a vegetable patch, not a perfect lawn as it is today in that picture, but at least it's an area of the world where you can potentially get a perfect lawn like that from native grass for most of the year without a lot of irrigation)

@valhalla @corruptian many of these are “twee onder één kapwoning” duplexes as well.

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