Paper play testing V2 of my "what if carcossonne, but non-cartesian?" tile game.

Are stand-up paddle boards fun? They look like too much work to be very relaxing.

Hacked together a nodal head to try to make better panoramas

For the literally dozen of people who care about the intersection of TPM remote attestation, kexec, Windows, and Bitlocker: LinuxBoot can receive the BitLocker key from the remote attestation server, which is passed to the kexec'ed Windows boot loader via a UEFI ramdisk, so there is no clear-text on the disk, not even an EFI System Partition.

can't tell what's wrong with the dashboard system since the dashboard system isn't displaying any data

The STABILO Point 88 fineliner (0,4mm) is the best cyan I've found so far for anaglyph 3D #plottertoot

The LED has been desoldered from the board, so that is one fewer blue light to keep us up at night. It is really surprising how much light is produced by such a tiny component.

board designers: what if we drive the status LED with 20mA?

NSA FOIA time! "The material responsive to your request requires review. Please be aware, there are ████████ cases ahead of yours in the backlog queue."

This board makes a fine bedside clock, other than the intense blue power LED.

Calico is a delightful board game about quilting patterns and attracting cats. Highly recommended!

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