Not today, we say to the god of drawbridges. Not today.

Close enough! They will probably dig it back up in a month anyway...

The 3D printed lamp hanger is exactly in the middle at 1" 23/128.

20-40mm or the much more reasonable twenty five thirty seconds to one inch and thirty seven sixtyfourths.

Sort of lost interest in virtual events, so it's been a while since I've presented at a conference.

@welshpixie filtering notifications is also allowed! for me, turning off favourites and boosts means that the notification column is more focused on interactions of interest.

Dat was snel -- een dag tussen en de antwoord: "U hebt ons gemeld dat er graffiti is aangebracht op de magerebrug. Fijn dat u met ons hebt meegedacht. Wij hebben de graffiti verwijderd."

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