@Kensan @hannesm a possible future-Qubes would be to use CoreOS style immutable install with kvm pcie passthrough for the device drivers. not sure how much of the existing dom0 xen specific code would make that move, however.

@phooky Are you too educated stupid to comprehend the actual truth of 4 simultaneous days in single rotation of Earth? Seek in haste to attend a lecture by Dr. Gene Ray, Cubic and Wisest HUman.

@futzle Anything with "Fast", "Easy", "Simple", "Scalable", "Extensible" or "Open" in the name is probably not.

@Gina Three other ideas:

  • Content published under a CC-BY-* license?
  • Build scripts published under a FOSS license?
  • Onion site?

@billiegrace @holly the lack of a mobile PixelFed app was problematic - Tusky wouldn't login to it, so I didn't use it much.

@tindall It's amazing how quickly media formats become obsolete after being so ubiquitous. I had trouble finding working diskettes a few years ago when trying to boot SLS Linux on a Thinkpad 701C "Butterfly".

Where is room Jansen at #fosdem? Seems like that would be worth having on the map.

Surely there is a better way to display the #FOSDEM schedule than abstract art.

@phooky The Silicon Labs EFR32 supports BLE as well as 802.15.4/ZigBee, so it is possible that it could be turned into a Micropython powered generic Bluetooth knob.

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