@quixoticgeek my fanless desktop machine has a DVD for exactly this sort of eventuality, although I haven't used it yet either

@Foxboron @barthalion speaking of authenticode, is there an easy way to get the hash of a PE? I have a modified version of sbsigntool that adds --hash-only for predicting PCR4 values and need to ask Kerr again to look at merging it: groups.io/g/sbsigntools/messag

@doc my climbing gear dates back to when photos were in B&W and the "universal belay standard" hadn't been invented yet.

Had fun at de Klimmuur Amsterdam Centraal last night, although apparently my harness and belay technique are both antiquated.

@rain Perl 5.18 started randomising the seed for hash tables both to expose bugs that depended on the ordering as well as to prevent algorithm complexity attacks where an outside attacker can induce O(n) or O(n^2) or worse behaviour by controlling hash keys. perldoc.perl.org/perl5180delta

@rain GNU Make added a --shuffle option to help detect parallel Makefiles that implicitly depended on the topical sort algorithm internals. Perhaps it should be the default. lists.gnu.org/archive/html/inf

Everytime we go to the Pathé Tuschinski theater I like to wander around to take photos of the interior

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@davidfetter that’s the point of threat modelling. Their upstairs neighbour, for instance, has a slightly more risk adverse profile.

@kingannoy have you tried RjDj? It remixed the audio environment to create musical soundtrack for whatever was going on around you. Looks like it isn't available any more, although the team has a updated version with different modes: hearapp.io/

@jwz @ellotheth for some sites like github, it seems that google has just given up on indexing them?

@mjg59 xbiff is the new hotness, if you're not logging in via teletype.

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