Paper play testing V2 of my "what if carcossonne, but non-cartesian?" tile game.

@cypnk the fat max pry bar is one of my favorite tools of destruction

Are stand-up paddle boards fun? They look like too much work to be very relaxing.

@uint8_t with three shot bracketing the banding is gone, although so is the sun! so some manual tweaks in the blending might be required to achieve the desired solar path for the 24-hour panorama.

@Quixoticgeek rotating the lens around the "nodal point" (which might not be the correct term), there is no parallax so the panorama stichting is much easier. You can see the three sockets lined up on the bench remain lines up as I rotate the lens around this experimentally determined point.

@uint8_t yes this was aperture priority at 20mm f/8 and iso 400. I'm planning on a 24-hour panorama for the solstice so fixed exposure won't work and plan to shot brackets to try to smooth the banding.

@hanser this was the experimentally determined rotation point with no parallax, although it's not perfect since it is hand drilled scrap wood...

Hacked together a nodal head to try to make better panoramas

@penguin42 kexec_load() takes a memory map of segments and doesn't care about the actual file format (although the kexec tool does, since it has to build that map). In this case I'm actually kexec'ing a special build of edk2 called UefiPayloadPkg that then loads the windows boot loader from a ramdisk rather than the real disk.

For the literally dozen of people who care about the intersection of TPM remote attestation, kexec, Windows, and Bitlocker: LinuxBoot can receive the BitLocker key from the remote attestation server, which is passed to the kexec'ed Windows boot loader via a UEFI ramdisk, so there is no clear-text on the disk, not even an EFI System Partition.

@grumpy turns out the problem was not DNS, but influxdb has been writing extensive log entries for every measurement and filled /var.

can't tell what's wrong with the dashboard system since the dashboard system isn't displaying any data

@phooky it is slightly more relevant than the one about "buy a hotel in Dubai!" or "have you considered a new shipping port?"

The STABILO Point 88 fineliner (0,4mm) is the best cyan I've found so far for anaglyph 3D #plottertoot

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