More paper prototyping. Unfortunately not fun enough.

But today there’s an actual steam train departing from Amsterdam Centraal!

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We jokingly call the slow train to Bad Bentheim the “steam train”

@gsuberland initially I had discarded these because two triangles that shared two vertices could not overlap since either they are both facing the camera or backface culling would have removed one of them from the mesh before the hidden wireframe stage.

@ihazrabies perhaps this cat can move there to get out of its "hole" in the wall

@welshpixie or you can remove the lens entirely and mount your DSLR on the film plane at the back of a large format field camera for that vintage look. Wearing a tuxedo is optional, but recommended.

@welshpixie you can make your fancy full frame DSLR feel more analog drilling through the body cap, taping in some aluminum foil, and poking a pin-hole in it.

@quixoticgeek I have an NVMe/SSD enclosure that enumerates as USB Attached SCSI or Mass Storage, depending on the USB-C cable orientation. On the plus side I also have code execution in the adapter's CPU.

A0 at 300dpi is a massive file and the zoom level 16 text is just barely legible with magnification. Now to find a suitable frame…

@holly @gemeenteamsterdam our poor road bike tires didn’t stand a chance against the sharp edge hidden in the swerve.

@quixoticgeek we've also suspended federation with those two domains because wtf so much racism and conspiracy.

@quixoticgeek @vaurora the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden in Leiden has some experimental prehistory exhibits including a special on Doggerland (Hashtag Reclaim Doggerland)

@pburka @technomancy @csepp
White Noise: named for its spectrum
Pink Noise: spectrum again
Blue Noise: also spectrum
Brown Noise: named after Robert Brown


@penguin42 it's a "Dutch Baby", sort of like a oven-baked pancake. Sometimes it fails to maintain structural integrity.


@kelbot my recipe for two people is three eggs, 200g of soy milk, 65g of flour (mix of white/wheat), a little salt, vanilla and some grated nutmeg. preheat the cast iron pan, pour the batter, and then bake for around 15-20 minutes at 225C (optional 75% humidity if you have steam).

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