@ehashman pardon me friend but have you accepted Linux as your kernel?

Do spiders get upset about fog condensing on their webs?

@phooky one of my 2021 resolutions was "1 blog post per week". I averaged less than 0.1 per week.

@yaelwrites i forgot to post the other side of the boat where the beer o'clock sign was visible...

You've got to ask yourself a question: Do you feel verzekerd?

@cassvs @metkis engravings of mechanical systems also often have a wonderful quality of depth and detail

@operand what are the official rules? This is a quick hack for the festival, so it may not be 100% standards conforming.

If you're walking the Lite Festival this weekend, come play some Woordel!

@kingannoy does your relay board have a FET and flyback diode? in general I leave anything with mains power to fully enclosed, EC/UL certified products...

I really need to stop trying to use these counterfeit ftdi boards and remember why I labelled them.

Onze favoriete ontbijt restaurant heeft voor zijn collega gezorgd.

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