@phooky There is no dodging the issue: there is more work to do and fewer to do it. You might have to employ women in the office to crank the comptometers.

@phooky have you considered sending them to Comptometer school? It's interesting work in refined business surroundings, and there is excellent pay right from the start.

@elb Thanks for the feedback! I plan to track down some glasses and a more intense blue pen, then redo it with a proper rendering (and maybe more triangles)

Pentel Metallic Gel on black paper is a delightful contrast for plotting.

@futzle the two viewpoints should have differed only 5cm horizontally and had the same camera target, although the alignment for plotting was not perfect.

Need to find some anaglyph glasses to see if this worked.

@DrWhax I've been experimenting with a lkvm qubes-lite environment, considering trying to use firecracker instead for a memory-safe vmm github.com/firecracker-microvm

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