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Thanks to the magic of floating point, the oven temperature is 249.00000000000003

@yaelwrites you can always terugkomen, although blijven is also an option.

@molly0xfff based on the numerous airplane designs named Icarus, it's clear that some people haven't read all the way to the end of the story.

@noelle it might not be a real bird fact, although it should be since birds are awesome.

@noelle did you know the collective noun for egrets is a lifetime?

Did the Amiga 1000 ever run Internet Explorer? There seems to be a System 7.5 68k Mac release, although I think that required an MMU.

@phooky @elb or the tranquility of forty-five baud for communicating with the ancient ones.

Stranger Things 

@kingannoy or worse, a trs-80 from 1983 running Linux 5.4

Stranger Things 

@kingannoy it's like a Mac SE running X11 and Linux...

Stranger Things 

✔️ Amiga workbench

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