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@quixoticgeek are you familiar with Stigler's Law of Eponymy, which was discovered by Robert K. Merton?

@cypnk NYC Resistor is prepared in case of Fortunato, in case of an event, in case of a foggy laser, and in case of witnessing.

@vaurora as @quixoticgeek mentioned: be sure to plan some trips out of the city sometime! there's so much to do buiten de grens.

@FrankEndrullat our stairs are a tight spiral, so the sofa (and the rest of the furniture) came in through the windows. The movers used a lift truck rather than the hoist, since it is much more efficient if you're moving more than one item.

@praseodym that would be fine (although still absurd considering the effort HBO took to sign up European customers), except that the PS4 and LG HBO Max apps no longer function.

Twenty five years after reading "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency", I learn that the sofa stuck in the stairway subplot is actually an unsolved math problem:

@loke do you mean you "turned it on" and that it has been powered off for the week, or that it has been running the whole time? mine used to be able to "stay on" for weeks, now it drains a few percent per hour.

Has anyone else's reMarkable tablet's battery life gone from multiple weeks to one day with the version 3 firmware? Does downgrading restore the endurance?

Trying to sign in to HBO site in order to cancel redirects to this page and clicking on the "Learn more" link also redirects to this page.

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This month HBO's new corporate parent rebranded it as MAX and locked-out non-US subscribers until "early 2024", right on the heels of a world-wide expansion of the former HBO Max streaming service. Since they've decided they don't want our money, we need to figure out how to cancel our subscription on a website that redirects immediately to "not available in your region". VPN back to the US is probably the easiest way...

I've tried several solutions from
Mapertive "works", although it's Mono and really slow on this size data set. It took around ten minutes to produce this 16k x 12k image and I can't figure out how to control which POI are included.

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