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Days like this I'm glad that we didn't move onto the lightship in Amsterdam Noord.

A few tweaks in the sensor processing. Also lost a shoe on this row

More rowing machine monitor updates, now with more data computation and full workout stats.

I'm no math expert, but the factory computer on this rowing machine seems to have an impossible situation: 10 minutes of exercise at an average 26 strokes per minute is much higher than the 187 total strokes. My recording of the same workout shows almost the same count of 189 strokes and a cadence closer to 19, which checks out.

p5js + websockets from the esp8266 makes for a nice realtime visualizer cadence and power. A fake phosphor effect on the force curve shows how closely each stroke matches the previous few.


Decoding the quadrature signals with timestamps on the falling edges and analyzing a 2km row shows the power curve for every stroke.

Just an ordinary evening attaching oscilloscope probes on the exercise equipment...

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