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While looking for another photo in my archive, I ran across this one and have zero context for wtf was going on.

Today is Bevrijdingsdag in the Netherlands, celebrating the country's liberation from the Nazis in 1945. you can enjoy watching the happy people on bicycles and maybe see the koning/koningin en route the Carre theater in our live stream:

We have a static ip, gigabit internet, raid6, and a spare server for replication, so the next steps are figuring out a good snapshot and backup solution.

as part of our digital sovereignty goals, is going to migrate from the cloud to an on-prem server.

You might ask yourself: is there a font in the ROM? Of course there is a font in the ROM.

Similar enough to the indoor display modules, although the daisy chain isn't working.

Success! Now to reverse engineer the pinout and display voltage.

The 1kg sledge is persuading the LED modules to slide out of the enclosure

This display module does not want to leave its extruded enclosure.

Internet connected devices require ISO3864-2 compliant warning labels.

Goede morgen to the crew that started digging at 0800.

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