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Vlinder, Papillon, Butterfly, Farfalla, Mariposa, SCHMETTERLING

Turning off Cleartype makes the text readable. Does it ever make fonts look better?

Windows 10 subpixel font rendering makes my fancy 4K monitor look like an Apple II.

Pandemic selfie 

I think a Pi Zero + iCE40up5k will fit inside and make these broken Psion's usable again.

what do you call an outdoor access control board that has multiple FPGA devices and can be reflashed using an RFID?
A Near Field Programmable Field Programmable Gate Array Array Field Gate Controller.

I'm at the Albert-Heijn
I'm at the Blokker
I'm at the combination Albert-Heijn Blokker

I'm glad that the ADC robot has found a special friend in the CARRY flag robot.

This 1983 intro to computers book for young children has as much detail in a few colorful pages as a college hardware architecture class.

The light color makes the attic much more inviting. So much more pleasant than the dark carpet the previous owners had installed!

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