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Although when I asked at the copy shop if I could send a fax, they replied "to where? 1995?"

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My absentee ballot included an "I VOTED" sticker, one of the most important parts of the election process.

Another action shot from the ride home from camp. The realtime video is still processing, for those who are waiting on three hours of biking against headwinds.

World'o'Techno is an amazing location specific generative music machine that has made the rounds at SHA, EMF, CCC and now . It has a label that says "Please take the art for a walk"

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What happens if you feed the GPS data from the handlebar camera into World-o-Techno? Wonderful generative sound track for biking to :

56km scenic bike ride from Amsterdam to at Scouting estate Zeewolde compressed into an eight minute timelapse. Lots of wind turbines and beaches, plus a bonus castle visit.

it's getting dark and there's been a 3-4 beaufort headwind the whole way, so I'm questioning my choices.

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East German clone of a Siemens teletype has a four row keyboard and a third Cyrlic striking positions on the typebars.

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