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Really disappointed in ŌBB - the DB info desk said the night train left a few hours before the scheduled time, so there's a whole lot of passengers in disbelief about a 1320 minute delay.

Deutsche Bahn asks "what is the meaning of time?"

Bike shoes with BOA laces are progress towards the automatic self lacing future we were promised

Want to learn more about the computer in your household appliances? I'll be presenting a guide to reverse engineering the HomeConnect protocol this Thursday (15 Sept 2022) in Stockholm:

And I decided that we needed a full size map of the Wandering Sea to record our progress instead of the wirebound atlas book.

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The panel discussion on reverse engineering hardware was held in De Waag's anatomical theater, where centuries ago they used to reverse engineer bodies.

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I'll be on a panel discussing open source hardware and reverse engineering tonight at De Waag (9 Sept)

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