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Installed a 7200 RPM 3.5" SATA in my fanless desktop for off-machine backups of and I had forgotten how loud spinning rust is compared to SSD. Luckily hdparm -Y turns it off when not in use.

Hey #penplotter folks, the #ptpx 2022 holiday card exchange is now open for sign-ups!

This is the 4th exchange (and 3rd annual holiday exchange), and the first time I've added a Mastodon handle field to the sign-up form.

Here are some of the cards I received last year.

enabling elastic search in mastodon caused a bit of a CPU spike

I miss brachiating. Are there any traveling rings in the Netherlands?

IP address switch-a-roo complete. Looks like we should be back online via the non-wireguard address!

What do you think will replace Twitter? Boosts welcome.

Years of playing "Pitfall" on the Atari 2600 have prepared me for this.

The recycling and trash in the Netherlands is like a TARDIS: the tiny above-ground bin turns into a massive below-ground storage vault. Where else is doing this sort of tidy rubbish collection?

What's the easiest way to bridge ActivityPub into a Matrix room? Alternatively, is there a way to pull an RSS feed into an encrypted chat?

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