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In the FBI office they have generic desktops and some sort of terminals. One lucky employee has a laptop, possibly a Toshiba T1200.

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In the field Scully uses a laptop from “Manax”(?) that has a blue display. Maybe VFD or something with a backlight, or perhaps just a prop?

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Moulder runs Word Perfect (?) on his desktop PC and uses a 35mm slide projector for his presentation to Scully.

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Going back thirty years to when Scully met Moulder

Checkout those realistic reflections and specular highlights!

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Thanks for the frequent updates, DPD. Wish they were more informative…

How do you safely use the DDR inputs on an ice40? I'm seeing significant glitching trying to move the IN_1 negedge pin into the posedge clk domain with the multiple stages of clock-crossing flip flops, although sometimes the PNR gods bestow favor on my design and the deserializer works glitch free.

@colin_mcmillen the surl library for interfacing the Apple with the world is really neat! what's the dithering algorithm it uses for the images? I'm experimenting with blue noise for turning HDMI into live 1bpp B&W.

It’s only kraanwater if it comes from the Kraansluis region of Amsterdam. Otherwise it’s just flat tap juice.

Despite meeting the timing constraints, something is very unstable. Sometimes the decode is perfect, but making minor changes in the Verilog like adding an unused wire results in glitches or even no TMDS sync at all. This makes normal debugging techniques unusable and I feel like I lack the tools to diagnose what’s wrong.

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By constraining the dual port block RAMs to bels next to the LVDS pins means that the pixel wrangler meets the HDMI timing requirements!

while looking for a different ancient code tree of mine, I ran across this quine that generates a bitmap image of itself, which I wrote for @fbz's knitting machine contest

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