I can tell because of the pixels.

Dear Fallout, this is not how CRTs work.
This is set-dressing malpractice.


@jwz some “Fallout” CRTs look like proper cathode ray tubes with continuous raster lines, so maybe different effects teams on different shots?

@th You think that looks like a real CRT? The halo outlines look way too smooth to me.

@jwz @th It looks like they started with an outline font, added bloom, then added raster lines on top.
I can kinda understand that they didn’t feel it was practical to make a raster font from scratch for the thousands of characters needed for localization.

@marshray @jwz yeah that probably is what they did to create the effect. the “c”, “s” and “g” have bloom where there are no dots lit up and the dot on the “i” is perfectly round, which is quite suspicious.

@jwz the blooming is definitely over exaggerated, but at least the raster lines are continuous unlike the pixels in this scene from the same episode (or the one you posted)

@th i think its really funny they'd have two teams not communicating on this. Or maybe it takes longer than they thought, so they started taking shortcuts as deadline approached, or failed to redo the starter art.

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