I think a Pi Zero + iCE40up5k will fit inside and make these broken Psion's usable again.

Please tell us how it went. Fascinating idea!


@68km probably not in version zero (and wasn't expecting that any of these actually worked). I need to find some FPC breakout boards to build an adapter for a modern CPU.


you will make my friend who was unhappy with both of planetcom's offerings, the Gemini and Cosmo PDAs
this is great!

@codebus it's still a long way from functional, although slowly making progress on the LCD interface.

@th gonna make a "Tempad" variant from the Loki series? ;)

@billiegrace where could we find a tiny amber plasma screen like the Compaq Portable III to match the TVA aesthetic?

@th IMHO it's riffing on a pip-boy aesthetic, and not limited to amber though it's relatively low contrast, so anything in the cheapish LCD category would work. CGA/Hercules/EGA level graphics.

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