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Previewing my new math art in 2D before sending it to the 3D printer.

Is sha256() % 6 a reasonable way to roll dice or does it require some sort of whitening? e2e encrypted chat comes along for free once all of the other crypto bits are there, so I added an input box to let you tell the other player when you're waiting on their roll.

some cautions players were concerned that their enemies might be in collusion with the server, which would allow them to spoof messages of the honest players. so now all traffic is signed with ephemeral ecdsa keys. and chat is back.

People were concerned about the server being able to learn the results and potentially impersonate a player, so all of the clients now perform an N-way Diffie-Hellman shared key derivation that they then use as a symmetric session key for end-to-end encrypted dice games.

Thanks, Ikea, for still putting silkscreen labels on the debug pads! The larger RAM (96KB) in the newer Tradfri EFM32 modules will make it easier to run significant Micropython firmware.

today's hacking project: cyrptographically rolling dice with untrustworhy friends for playing board games across the network. what should it be called?

Weather too rainy to walk the Amsterdam Light Festival? Control the Lite Festival exhibit tonight from home instead:

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